Purdue 73 Vs. Rutgers 55 – A Quick Turnaround

Purdue 73 vs. Rutgers 55 – a quick turnaround

Purdue tackles Nebraska’s home run behind Loyer’s career and another Zach Eddy’s double-double.

Purdue 73 vs. Rutgers 55 – a quick turnaround. The one-game home losing streak ended. After being stunned by Rutgers the last time he took Purdue to Keady Court, the Boilers made sure there was no second straight upset. From Fletcher Loyer three 20 seconds into the game to Fletcher Loyer 3 with 41 seconds left, the Boilermakers were in complete control of the game against Nebraska, and nailed a 73-55 wire-wire victory over the same Cornhusker team that led them into overtime a month earlier.

Lauer finished with 27 points, giving him 49 in two games against Nebraska this season. Zach Eddy finished with 12 points, 13 rebounds and four blocks while Mason Gillis and Braden Smith each had 10 points.

Cornhuskers are short-handed

If coming to Mackey Arena against the #3 Purdue Boilermakers wasn’t a daunting enough task, Coach Fred Hoiberg had to do it with two of his players injured.

Sam Grissel missed with a hip injury and Joanne Garry still has a shoulder injury.

Hoiberg hopes to have Griesel back by next week, but Gary’s shoulder is a constant concern.

Bordeaux dominates the glass.

Zach Eddy led the way, but it was a team effort for Purdue on the glass, rebounding to Nebraska 38-19, including a 12-4 edge on the offensive glass. This was a stark turnaround from the game in Lincoln where the Cornhuskers grabbed 19 offensive rebounds.

It’s something the coaches have emphasized to them all week, Mason Gillis said after a game. Gillis was one of five boilermakers to have 4 or more rebounds.

Fletcher is on fire.

Purdue couldn’t reach three goals in the first game against Nebraska, Fletcher Lauer stepped up and made sure it wouldn’t happen again.

Braden Smith drove right from the top of the corkscrew on Purdue’s first possession, but twice, he kicked it straight to Fletcher Loyer on the wing with the shot clock in the single digits. Loyer got up and hit his first shot of the night and gave Purdue an early 3-0 lead.

CJ Welcher would have a chance to respond early with an open bunt on the rim, but Zach Edey’s size scared him off the backboard and Purdue avoided an easy early basket. Derek Walker would finish a throw at the rim on the next possession.

Then it was Fletcher Lauer who found Braden Smith on the perimeter and his first three base would make the game giving Purdue a 6-2 lead. Smith and Lauer would continue their two-man game when Smith again found Lauer who pumped the fake and then upped the side into the second three of the game. Purdue would go in under 16 minutes with a 9-2 lead.

Derek Walker would score on Zack Eddy again, but Lower responded with his third triple of the night, a 27-footer into the top left of the three-point line. Loyer had gone 2-of-10 in his first game with Nebraska.

Purdue took a 12-4 lead with just 14 minutes left in the game when Nebraska threw a punt out of bounds on their next possession.

Loyer didn’t finish, catching another volley with a locked defender coming towards him and pumping it before dropping back into a three-pointer. It was his fourth three of the half and gave Purdue a 15-4 lead.

Trey Kaufman-Renn came on in place of Zach Edey, and Nebraska’s leading scorer, Derrick Walker, forced Kaufman-Renn to travel at one end before attacking from the rebound at the other. He caught a pass to pull it into single digits, 15-6, then hit a glass spinning hook on the next possession.

A rare Loyer error would follow, but Mason Gillis chased down the rebound and returned it to go up 17-8.

Walker scored again on Kaufmann-Rehn to put it up to 17-10 before scoring another turnover on Kaufmann-Rehn when Kaufmann-Rehn landed his shoulder against the post and was called for a charge.

David Jenkins drew an error on a mid-range draw and hit the second of two free throws to give Purdue an 18-10 lead.

With Eddie back, Walker was still confident on the ball and charged the big man out of the way to dribble. He finished off another pass left to cut the lead to 18-12.

With Purdue’s shot clock ticking away, Ethan Morton drove right, created space and crossed a pass to Braden Smith at the top of the arc who swung to the corner where Brandon Newman got his first shot for a touchdown, the third corner to put the game up 21-12 Purdue with Just over 7 minutes into the first half.

Derrick Walker was staring at Zack Eddy on the next possession with the ball behind the three-point line. Eddie didn’t budge, so Walker took his second three-pointer of the season and made his first career three-pointer.

Nebraska was hitting enough shots to stay in it, and the three pulled them to 6 points, 21-15.

Zack Eddy wasn’t able to get the ball down on Purdue’s possessions, so he started going on the offensive rebound, dunked it on a foul, took another miss and put it in to bring the game up to 25-17 around the four-minute mark. Emmanuel Bandomil hit a powerful mid-range jumper between Eddie’s back-to-back.

Nebraska, at first, had to go to their benches to get production from unlikely sources. Oleg Cogents made a great cut and finished on a layup, but Purdue responded with a third layup by Caleb Forrest that put Purdue up 28-19.

Then Keisei Tominaga started to happen. He had a huge second run against Purdue in their first game, and started to trail in the first half on Mackey. His three on Ethan Morton cut the lead to 28-22.

Eddie would get another offensive rebound and get fouled on his return attempt. He would only make the second.

Tominaga would get inside and use his finesse to spin and get the scoop to bring Nebraska back within 5, 29-24.

Fletcher Lowyer would use Nebraska tackles against them to end the half, catch and drive to draw an error on the rim. He was going to make two free throws. Then Caleb Forrest found Eddy at the post and Eddie took advantage of not doubling him for one of the first times of the night with a quick hook shot from about 8 feet.

Loyer’s last drive of the half would give Purdue a 35-24 lead at the half as he kissed a float of glass from the right side.

Glass domination

Nebraska took enough shots in the first half to get around him, but they were short in number and the talent mismatch began to show in the second half. It didn’t help that they started the first half turning the ball over, as Ethan Morton took it off CJ Wilcher and then Wilcher lost it on a drive to give the Purdue defense two forced turnovers on the first possession.

Morton responded by making his first three plays of the game, pushing Purdue’s lead to 38-24.

Eddie then manages to lock Walker inside and by the time he gets his pass in, Walker has no other choice but to foul. Eddie will throw the ball freely.

Fletcher Loyer continued his hot shot, this time by dribbling and hitting a long-range jumper to put Purdue up 42-24 less than three minutes into the second period.

Eddie would block Walker at one end and Braden Smith would drive to the hoop at the other and finish by connecting from Bandoumel for a get and 1. His free throw would give Purdue a 45-24 lead.

Loyer’s free throw and Nebraska’s first basket of the half, by Walker, would put the lead back to twenty for Purdue, 46-26.

Boundoumel would start to warm up for Nebraska, providing some point guard. His offensive in the transition would lead to the development of the euro move.

Purdue responded with more penetrating dribbles, this time driving Loyer down the lane, pulling the defense, and finding Forest cut on the baseline for a claiming hand jam. Purdue went up 48-28.

A Braden Smith touchdown pass raised the lead to 22 before Bandoumel scored just the third three of the game for Nebraska.

Then, Fletcher Lauer would pull off a dribbling three-run in the fifth triple of the night. Purdue’s lead was from 53-31 to 53-33 after Walker put up another Nebraska.

For the second straight game, Tominaga gave Purdue bouts in the second half. This time, left keeper Brandon Newman lost the ball and Tominaga hit a catch and shot three from the right wing.

Mason Gillis will get a foul on the next possession of the defensive rebound and get two free throws.

Back-to-back turnovers by Brandon Newman and David Jenkins Jr. would give Nebraska a chance to cut further into the lead. A foul was called on Tominaga’s floater and the guard dropped two free throws to narrow the lead to 55-38.

Then, David Jenkins Jr. would drive left and find Gillis in the corner for a three-pointer.

Turn-jump hitter Jamarques Lawrence rarely had an offensive rebound on the next possession.

Loyer would hit two more free throws after consecutive offensive rebounds by Zach Edey and Mason Gillis kept the possession alive. Then Tominaga would knock Newman down again at the top of the arc and hit his third of the game.

Purdue’s lead was cut to 60-43.

Trey Kaufman-Renn would grab an offensive rebound and then miss the post, resulting in two free throws.

Mason Gillis would salvage possession of an expired shot clock by driving a hard right and laying it in to push Purdue’s lead to 64-43.

Lawrence would make another basket, leading and finishing with a left hand. Then Derek Walker drove on Kaufmann-Rehn again, hit a spin in the paint, and finished off Kaufmann-Rehn as Kaufmann-Rehn was called for his third foul. Walker will miss the free throw.

Zach Eddy would collect his ninth consecutive double-double when Braden Smith found his big man locked inside. Eddie finished calling and pointed the bug at Bandomele inside. His free throw gave Purdue a 67-47 lead which pushed Smith to 69-47 with four minutes left in the half.

Nebraska would score on returning Lawrence and Tominaga three before Bandomell added the score, briefly pulling the score to 15, 70-55 before Fletcher Lauer appropriately put the ice on any comeback attempt with his sixth three-pointer and a career-high point of 27.