Living Palette: The Intrinsic Value Of Home Interior Design

Living Palette: the intrinsic value of home interior design

Although not necessarily everything, some people believe that the sophistication, or at least, the intricate attention others give to home interiors are nothing more than whims of vanity in an effort to impress others and show them just how elegant and cool they are. their lives. These claims are foolish on the grounds that the judgment of a person who has never practiced such an art is unfounded.

life is art. Life can be beautiful. Life can be miserably ugly. life is what you make it. life is art. Just like an artist trying to paint a picture, not every detail he creates is perfect. But even if that was the case, he would still try to make the most of whatever was under his control. Since the life of each of us is an art, like an unfinished painting where we are the artists, we too can achieve maximum beauty from whatever is within our control. We may have the most horrible job in the world, or the worst life story one can imagine, and yet, our lives are never completely out of control. While it’s possible – or maybe not – that many things are beyond our control, there are still many things we can do to lift our spirits despite all the stress of life’s chaos. One of these many things we can control is our ability to fine-tune the interior design of a home.

In life, just as in art (as it has always been emphasized in this article), we create one work of art every passing moment, and it will all become part of one huge work of art that will be completed at the conclusion of our lives. In order for this monumental work of art to become worth seeing for both the artist and the audience, a color palette must be designed based on the concept of the artist’s vision of the artwork. This painting is the interior design of the house. It is within our home that we bring our sorrows, hopes, and plans for how we want our lives to be. Thus, we must design the interiors of our home to fit the vision we have for our lives. Therefore, if we view our lives as one with a calm flow of events, we should design our homes with things that reflect this ideal. These things could be a small softly flowing water fountain and the walls, furniture and fixtures should have the appearance of a predominantly white color. If one has an ideal of life as accepting and active, colors like beige or light orange can dominate the walls. If one wants to coexist with the ideals of oriental life, they may, of course, choose to fill their home with things that reflect these things such as wooden floors and sidewalks with touches of Japanese, Korean, or Chinese design. Now, if one’s home becomes designed to serve the purpose for which he intended his life, then, whatever crosses his path, he may always return home, rest, be reminded of the vision of his life and move on. to the next day.