Grow Room Supplies and Equipment List

Grow Room Supplies and Equipment List

Grow Room Supplies, The cannabis industry is growing and becoming more and more popular. Hemp is a very versatile plant from which ropes, paper, clothing and much more are made. Over the years, CBD (cannabidiol) it has become well known as a natural supplement. More and more countries are legalizing cannabis use, and CBD products are popping up everywhere.

Due to the high demand for these products, there is a need for more legal space for cultivation. To grow cannabis and cannabis properly, you need a strong and efficient place to grow.

At Warehouse1, we offer services that will help you choose the right equipment for your growing room, as well as choose a good design layout for maximum efficiency and space. Our experts can help you create an excellent commercial or large-scale shed for growing plants.

Warehouse1 also provides confidentiality agreements to protect your business secrets from competitors. Learn more about our grow room service here.

Grow Room Supplies and Equipment List

Grow Room Supplies and Equipment List

large-scale growing room-industrial

Premises for industrial cultivation require a large amount of consumables and equipment. As a rule, larger enterprises are located in large steel buildings with support sections and have many different rooms for different stages of growth.

There are rooms for mother plants and developing clones before they are hung in dry rooms with micro-controlled temperature and humidity. Large buildings also have clean rooms for pruning shoots, weighing and packing them.

The home growing industry can support hundreds of plants on automated racks and trays as they increase. Industrial growing chambers also require a lot of maintenance. Warehouse1 can help provide compact equipment and design for your commercial growing space.

grow a tent-small scale

If you are engaged in small-scale gardening, you can grow in spare rooms, closets or home tents. Most beginners or people who grow on a small scale will use a tent for cultivation, as it is most convenient.

The growing tent has a sturdy frame made of metal poles and a lid that reflects light back to the plants, preventing it from entering other rooms. The cover slides along the poles, completing the design of the tent. It has zippers, as well as openings for air ducts, electrical wiring and growing equipment.

When you purchase a growing tent, make sure it fits in your home space. Get high-quality, non-toxic and airtight packaging.

checklist of indoor plant equipment

Here is a list of consumables and essentials that should be considered for your room:

    • shelving stations
    • table trimming and storage
    • lamps for growing
    • fans and proper ventilation
    • drying equipment
    • temperature and humidity control
    • vertical shelving
    • growing system
    • packaging requirements
    • high-density data storage system

There are other common growing supplies that you will need, such as sprayers, timers and gloves, a list of which we have provided below.

shelving station

For seed propagation, you may need a mobile wire shelving station. It has rollers with a stop, four tiers, and it is made of stainless steel.

cropping and storing the table

A pruning table is necessary to complete the pruning process of the plant itself. This specially designated workplace is used to ensure that everything is organized.

Warehouse 1 has decarburization tables , pre-pruning stations, workbenches of various sizes and tool storage trolleys specially designed to facilitate the pruning process. They are durable and easy to clean.

proper lighting for growing

For your home or industrial plant growing room, you will need good plant growing lamps. Your plants can’t grow without enough light.

Take the area of your room or tent and divide it by 50-75 watts to get watts per required square feet. But which lamp should you buy?

Some options include HD grow lights, LED grow lights and T5. Be sure to study and weigh your options based on the needs of your business. You also want to invest in reflectors as they will help you get the most out of your lighting system.

Warehouse1 can help you choose integrated lighting and wiring solutions for your clones and growing rooms. We supply five-level luminaires that have conductive wiring harnesses and are certified.

proper fan and ventilation for constant air flow

You need a constant supply of fresh air in your growing room. This will prevent stagnant air from accumulating, prevent growth from slowing down, strengthen your branches and help control temperature/humidity.

Built-in fans are a great option. When you turn on the ventilation, release it from the upper part of the room and supply cold air from below. Install two oscillating fans directed from below, and do not take air from the same room from which you are releasing stale air.

drying equipment

To help dry your plants, Warehouse 1 has a drying tray and a hanging dryer. The tray is made of stainless steel, including a wire rim.

Each tray has a perforated bottom and a side made of one centimeter thick wire mesh. Durable rim for easy cleaning.

The tray does not contain galvanized wire and is resistant to washing.

temperature and humidity control

To make sure that you have healthy plants, you need to carefully monitor the temperature and humidity in the growing room. You should measure this carefully and use a heater if necessary.

Humidity should not exceed 70% at the highest temperature, and the temperature should be about 65-80 degrees. To do this, you will need a thermo/hydrometer with built-in memory.

To get a strong smell, you will need charcoal or a charcoal filter to purify the air from particles. And to ensure the sound of the exhaust gases with high performance and the supply fan, you can install an exhaust fan. You can also adjust the fan speed using the fast Bully fan controller.


Warehouse1 can provide sturdy vertical shelving for long-term support of your plants and accessories for your growing space. Shelving and mounting will provide stability and a large opening for lighting, ventilation and more.

Mobile aisle racks are also good for growing, as they increase storage space by 50%. With this system, the aisles are opened to access the goods one by one. Just turn the handles at the end of each row to open the aisles and take what you need from the shelves.

growing medium

The nutrient medium is what you grow your cannabis roots in. It can be earth, coconut fiber, mineral wool, perlite, sphagnum, water, vermiculite, hardened clay and so on. Each tool has its pros and cons. Do a lot of research and find the best option for you.


For your packaging, the presence of a movable or stationary protective basket and a stand for shipping packaging can help. Warehouse1 can help you choose the best basket for your premises.

high-density data storage system

We can help you identify the best high-density storage solution that maximizes your space. We offer high-rise perimeter shelving and high-density mobile storage systems so that you can accurately determine the location of the shelves depending on the size of the box. This will minimize dead space in any area of your activity.

other necessary equipment

Here is a list of other indoor gardening supplies and equipment needed for your growing room:

    • Timer-to simulate day and night for your plants
    • PH meter-measures the PH level of water and soil
    • pruners and trimmers – for pruning and harvesting your plants
    • gloves
    • spray gun
    • canned water
    • fabric pot / container
    • twine balls-can be used to support plants or train them to increase yields
    • adhesive tape – for fixing damaged stems, sealing tents for growing, marking plants and creating airtight vents
    • safety glasses / goggles
    • bud pruning machine – for pruning large crops
    • sealed jars-for storing weeds and their treatment
    • power strip

design and layout services

There are design specialists at Warehouse1 who will help you make your cannabis growing room the best possible. We can help you create an efficient space for industrial growth that makes the most of the available space and is equipped with all the necessary equipment.

FAQ Grow Room Supplies

Do you need fresh air indoors for growing? The concept of an enclosed space is quite simple; an enclosed space is a developing environment in which there are no openings or air exchange to the street or to other rooms. However, it does not have to be airtight, the closer to tightness, the better.

What should I lay my growing room with? Mylar Mylar (reflectivity 90-95%) most of the tents for cultivation are covered with mylar-and there are good reasons for that. This material reflects up to 95% of the light incident on it. In addition to a growing tent, you can also purchase mylar sheets for lining the walls of a growing room or greenhouse.

How often should you change the air in your growing room? every 5 minutes, the air in your growing area should be changed at least every 5 minutes. If you use a 5′ x 5′ x 6′ growing tent, then that’s 150 sq.feet of air. For optimal airflow, you need a filter and a fan capable of moving 30 to 60 cubic feet per minute (CFM). It is also important to balance the inflow and outflow of air.

How do I keep my growing room warm at night? Here are some useful tips. Think about airing your growing tent from a light room: basement, attic or any other room in your house where it’s not as cold as outside. Mute the supply and exhaust fans using the fan speed control. Remove the glazing from your hoods. Make an air diffuser. Add more light.

Do I have to turn on the exhaust fan in my growing tent at all times? We recommend that you constantly turn on the built-in fan during the day and turn it off at night after the lights are turned off. This will allow your plant to bloom without interference.

Is foil suitable for growing indoors? Aluminum foil can be placed on the wall of a growing room and under indoor plants so that it reflects light. Hang the aluminum foil with the shiny side facing out, not against the wall. Foil does not reflect as much light as white paint or film for growing, but the amount of reflected light should increase plant growth.

Does the mirror in the growing room help? It is not recommended to use mirrors as reflectors in your room for growing plants. They reflect infrared light, which is also hot and can create hot spots that will burn your plants.

Which color is best suited for growing indoors? white but white is always the preferred choice for any wall covering in a growing room because White reflects light better than metal or silver wall coverings. Flat white paint has the ability to reflect 75 to 85% of your interior lighting sources.

What is better to plant in rows or blocks? Since you plant in blocks and the plants are closer together than in rows, a higher planting density ensures higher yields. It is also easier to water clogged plantings than beds. Fertilization is also easier and more efficient.

Should I leave my fan on when the lights are off? As usual, exhaust and oscillating fans should work during daylight hours. But when it comes to dark hours, you need to count fast. If you have 2-3 oscillating fans, 1 supply fan and 1 exhaust fan, leave the oscillating fan on for the entire blackout period.

Should you leave the growing lamps on all the time? Answer: in general, you should not leave the growing lamps on 24/7. for proper development, plants need a light-dark cycle. It is believed that they really “rest” during periods of darkness and can use this time to move nutrients to their limbs while resting from growth.

Can you abuse grow lights? Plants cannot feed on artificial sunlight forever.

What temperature is too cold to grow marijuana? Too low (cold) temperatures below 60°F (15°C) tend to hinder plant growth, and low temperatures can shock or even kill the cannabis plant. Some plants continue to grow in the cold without signs of stress, but they often do not provide the amount of light they should be given.

How cold is it too cold for a growing room? A cold growing room at 55-60F will most likely slow down the growth of your plants. As a rule, temperatures below 55-60F (10-15C) slow down growth and eventually kill your plants.

Where should I place the heater in my growing room? We recommend using them only outside of a growing tent or a room for heating the ambient air or directing them to an air intake. If the only option is to install it in a growing room, make sure it is not directed directly at the plant, or consider turning it into an oil-filled radiator.