Colorado Weather: A Severe Winter Storm Could Hit At The End Of The Ride Tuesday, And Encourage Residents To Stay Put Tomorrow

Colorado weather: A severe winter storm could hit at the end of the ride Tuesday, and encourage residents to stay put tomorrow

Colorado weather: A severe winter storm could hit the end of a ride Tuesday, and residents are encouraged to stay out tomorrow. A winter storm will dump snow — deteriorating road conditions that will likely affect Tuesday’s trip — to northeastern Colorado including the metro area, according to the National Weather Service.

Colorado weather: A severe winter storm could hit at the end of the ride Tuesday, and encourage residents to stay put tomorrow

 The weather service said a widespread  winter storm warning begins at 5 p.m. Tuesday with heavy snow expected overnight. In Denver, there is a 100% chance of snow overnight, with about a foot of snow accumulated in the city by noon on Wednesday.

“Snow covered roads will make travel very difficult due to heavy snowfall on the roads,” the weather service said in a storm warning. “Hazardous conditions may affect the end of the trip on Tuesday evening and will significantly affect the commute on Wednesday morning.”

Portions of east-central, north-central and northeastern Colorado, including the metro area, will see heavy snow overnight, with accumulations of between 6 and 12 inches, the National Weather Service said. A winter storm warning lasts until 5 p.m. Wednesday. Local totals include 12 to 15 inches east of Interstate 25 and on the northeast plains, where winds will be up to 35 mph, resulting in reduced visibility with snow and drift conditions.

Motorists and travelers are expecting a storm to hit by late Wednesday afternoon, when the storm is expected to recede from west to east. Weather Service and Colorado officials, including the Colorado State Patrol, are urging the public to stay home and be safe during the storm.

“The soldiers are asking you to do everything you can to stay home and off the roads,” the CSP said in a press release . “However, if you must drive, be aware of the changing conditions and take a slow, cautious approach.”

The Met Service said, “People should delay travel if possible. If travel is absolutely necessary, drive with extreme caution and be prepared for sudden changes in visibility. Leave plenty of space between you and the driver in front, and allow extra time to reach your destination.”

Drivers should make sure their car is “winter-ready” and in good working order, including with proper tires, good wiper blades, a working heater and a robust battery. People who go out in vehicles should take a winter survival kit including extra clothes, snowshoes and blankets, as well as food and water in case of an emergency. A portable phone charger is suggested. Anyone who is stranded should call 911.

The weather service said the chance of snow Tuesday night in Denver is 60%, especially after 5 p.m., and an inch of snow is expected to accumulate. Overnight in the city, the  chance of snow is 100%  and heavy snow is expected at times, with 5 to 9 inches of accumulation. The low temperature will be around 25 degrees and winds will be up to 22 mph. There will be areas of patchy haze.

Snowfall is expected in Denver around 11 a.m., and areas of “freezing haze” are expected between 9 and 10 a.m. And the high temperature will reach nearly 32 degrees. An additional 1 to 3 inches of accumulation is expected Wednesday morning. It will be cloudy Wednesday night in Denver and the low will be around 12 degrees.

Skies over Denver will be sunny Thursday, according to the forecast, with a high of 37 degrees, before the forecast calls for a 30% chance of snow on Friday afternoon. The maximum temperature on Friday will be near 31 degrees.