5 popular home interior designs in 2020

5 popular home interior designs in 2020

The feeling of being at home transcends the actual fact of having a home to come back to, or having a roof over your head when you need it. The interior appearance of your home takes on as much importance as the structural design and its surroundings.

So, do you think your home isn’t passing on the aura you’d like it to be—or even more so, a face-lift is deserved and viable? Make your home give you the attractiveness you love from the interior design options that are climbing to fame. Here are some interior designs that can give you the home you are looking for in your home

  • Scandinavian

Since its wide acceptance in the 1950s, Scandinavian style has sporadically risen to prominence and is well appreciated by the majority of homeowners who pay attention to interior design. The design has become so popular that it is almost in any Singaporean home and even that does not make it look popular either. Known to portray simplicity and affordability over a display of wealth, the design popularly consists of a combination of wood and brick walls. Even better, it’s very easy to maintain – just in case you want to create content.

  • Industrial

Industrial style, in particular, is the most popular style among Singaporean homes, and it doesn’t look like its popularity will wane either. It has an urban look and a utilitarian flair, which gives it a sophisticated appeal. Featuring brick walls and cement floors, this style can be quite expensive.

  • selective

This design comes in a splash of different mixes to form a delightful remix. Eclectic interior design transforms your home into a palette of traditional design interspersed with a totally unconventional palette, even adding different colors and cultural makeup that are exotic from each other – like a mixture of Western and Eastern cultural designs in one place. The beauty of eclectic interior design is only apparent if it is executed to perfection, otherwise it is a colossal waste and can be a terrible sight.

  • inspired resort

Why feel at home when you can feel at a resort or at home? This is the catch for anyone who wants a relaxing, calm, quiet and engaging home to come back to after a busy day; Resort-inspired interior design. Featuring nature-inspired elements and lots of greenery, this particular design connects you more with nature. Moreover, the resort-inspired interiors, if further afield, can help you smell and savor the sensation of nature.

  • minimum

This has also become sporadically popular in Singapore. Similar to Scandinavian design, minimalist design is simple and uncluttered, created in a way that depicts an aura of semi-indifference towards the acquisition and retention of material possessions, or the stimulus thereof. Featuring minimal space, basic, and virtually maintenance-free materials, this is also design for content.

Are you considering navigating one of these designs or do you need more options to find the one that works best for you? Go no further, we’ve got you covered here.